What do you appreciate?

  • What shapes appeal to you?
  • What color patterns?
  • What scents?
  • What light intensity?
  • What level of intensity?
  • What sequence of events?
  • What sounds?
  • What kind of thoughts?
  • What level of directness?
  • What level of mystery?

Each of these are things which can be measured and appreciated in each moment, along with many other things. Which ones are special to you? 

Which ones do you wish to be appreciated for? Do you take care in setting the light level in your home and wish that noticed? Or is your full concentration on having warm, solid eye contact? 

Do you know what your partner takes care in creating and wishes to be appreciated for? Do you notice? Do you speak it if you do? Do you enjoy what another takes care in? Do they know what you appreciate?
Appreciation is fun! It is fun to create things we enjoy, and fun to have our creations enjoyed. It is fun to have our efforts acknowledged, and can increase our own enjoyment to articulate exactly what we are enjoying now. If you don't know what you appreciate now, I invite you to ask yourself questions: "Would I prefer the light lower or higher in this moment? Do I prefer the volume on the phone right now? How would I change the tone of my own voice to enjoy it more right now? Would I raise or lower the temperature?" These questions can in turn lead to change and more to appreciate.

Measure Your Relationship
Tools for seeing and being seen