Here are some of the areas that define our differences around money. Notice where you fit.

Your Beliefs: (Answer yes or no after each believe, or write your own)

  • Everyone who wants to can earn the money they want?
  • People with more money are more intelligent?
  • People who can't pay their bills deserve to be punished?
  • Money is the result of luck?
  • Things would be better if everyone had the same amount of money?
  • Money is a worthy goal?
  • Money is power?
  • If true love is present, money is no object?
  • Men should pay for women because...?
  • Men can make more money than women? 
  • Men owe women money in exchange for sex?
  • Men with money are more sexy?
  • Women with more money are sexy?
  • People with money are jerks?
  • People are poor because other people are rich?
  • All money is corrupt?
  • The rich should help the poor because...?
  • Taxes should take from the rich and give to the poor?
  • The only money worth anything is what you have earned through hard work?

Your Preferences:

  • I prefer a balanced relationship in which both parties contribute equally?
  • I don't like doing business with friends?
  • I like to spend about $1,000? a month on joint therapy, vacations, shows and eating out?
  • I prefer keeping track of our expenses to the penny?
  • Spending money on appreciating assets is fine - and lots of it - but I don't like spending anything on useless bobbles?
  • I like to buy expensive gifts?
  • I like to receive expensive gifts?
  • I don't like receiving more financially than I can reciprocate?
  • The cost of a gift helps me know how much my partner cares for me?
  • When my partner does me wrong emotionally I expect them to make it up financially in some discreet way?
  • I prefer not to involve money in relationships in any way.

Most people carry an emotional charge around money that is not rational. Introducing money into relationships also introduces this charge. It can be valuable to talk about the emotional associations you have with money with your partner.
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