Beliefs about Power: (Answer "yes" or "no" to each of the following beliefs, or write your own beliefs.)

  • All power corrupts?

  • Power is the ability to make others do what you want the to?

  • Power is the ability to buy whatever you want?

  • Power is sexy?

  • Power is ugly?

  • Power is for the few?

  • It is necessary for some people to have more power than others for the world to work?

  • People cannot be trusted with power?

  • I would be a better person if I had more power?

  • Being with a powerful partner is healthy for me?

Forms of Power I Value: (I invite you to write down the powers you most desire. Below are some examples.) 

  • The power to travel where I wish when I wish (globally, within the US, within your town?)

  • The power to obtain the healthcare I desire for my loved ones without resorting to violence?

  • The power to create a luxurious home over-looking the water without compromising my integrity to the truth or risking imprisonment?

  • The power to love the partner of my choice and be loved in return, with safety that no matter what I will be treated kindly and honestly?

  • The power to live in a world without fearing for my dignity at the hands of my government?

What are the ten powers that are most precious to you? Consider writing these down and sharing them with a loved one as a way of being seen and seeing at a deeper level.

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