High Value Activities:

This area can help you create more peak experiences by understanding what creates a peak experience for you and consciously designing such experiences. Of course, if "mystery and surprise" without responsibility are key ingredients, you are out of luck. Just wait around and you will have whatever peak experiences come your way by chance.

The first step in creating peak experiences is becoming unusually intimate with your preferences value in each moment: the temperature, the person you most want to spend time with, your favorite food, the clothes you and others wear. Each aspect of the environment that is important, articulate into a recipe of multidimensional experience. 

Imagine you are a chef preparing the dishes of high value, each detail providing another spice or flavor. Package these details together in complimentary units that feel complete to you. I invite you to create as many recipes of value as you wish, considering that the more you imagine the more likely they are to occur. Below are examples of high value recipes others have created to start you off:

  • "I'd like you to come and pick me up at my house for a dinner at Cafe Gratitude, which you treat me to. I'd like you to knock once at the door and then wait in the car patiently as I take my time getting ready and come out when I am. I'd like you to smile at me when I get into the car and hold my hand, telling me things you like about me as you drive me to the cafe. I'd like to order as much as I want and come home with absolutely no expectations about having sex. This is a 9 out of 10 on my value scale."

PS: When something is only a nine out of ten ask yourself: What would turn this script into a 10?

  • "I would like you to call me at around 9am and very gently hum to me as I drift off to sleep again, feeling special and loved. I'd like you to do this every morning for a week. This is a 10 out of 10 on my value scale."

  • "Going for a walk by myself and bringing my notebook to write down ideas which come up. Then going to Table Cafe and ordering the soup of the day and my favorite dosa. Arriving back home to read an e-mail of self appreciations I sent to my self before I left. This would be a 7 out of 10 on my value scale and I enjoy it not being a 10 or trying to make it one."

Once you have defined what high value looks like to you - in your own unique way - consider, recruiting partners to play out your script. Whether strangers, or close friends, partnering to enact high value activities can be a lot of fun.

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