Touch Preferences:

Your preferences will no doubt change in different situations. Consider using these questions and descriptions to help communicate about touch preferences:

  • On a 1-10 scale, how much do you enjoy massage?

  • What pace do you prefer for stroking?

  • Which parts of your body do you like to focus on?

  • How deep do you want to be touched and in what areas?

  • When pressing deep, how long do you prefer the pressure to last before lifting off? Do you prefer the pressure and release be sudden or slow?

  • Is there a sequence to touch that feels safest to you? Starting with the head perhaps?

  • What are your boundaries for touch in public?

  • What are your boundaries for touch with the same gender?

  • What are your boundaries with the opposite gender around touch? How many seconds for a hug? What areas to kiss or stroke are OK?

  • Do you prefer silence or words when you are touched?

  • Do you prefer to negotiate or enter a sexual relationship without speaking?

  • Consider writing down three ideal scenarios for a sexual experience in enough detail that a film producer could accurately use your script to make your ideal sexual film.

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