Transition Patterns:

We carry many identities in our body, which emerge as needed to serve the situation. We have work identities and play identities. There is a ritual of transition that we go through, sometimes instantly and other times slowly and visibly when we transition from one identity to another. What are your transition patterns: 

  • When you transition from your humorous identity to your sad identities, how would someone know?

  • Is there a ritual you need to go through when you return home from an absence lasting more than an hour? 

  • After sex, do you need time to your self to lay there silently - or do you need to talk a lot? How do you like to transition into daily life again?

  • When a relationship ends, what are your needs and patterns?

  • After intense physical exercise, how do transition to stillness?

  • When you need alone space, how do you exit a public scene? 

  • When you are at work, what do you need before you can be present to a deeply personal matter?

These are a few areas to consider. Some people transition very easily and fluidly. For others the transitions are intense and time-consuming. What matters is knowing your own needs and patterns well enough to communicate those in order to create flow and discuss difficult transitions with loved ones.

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