What is Important to You?

Anything can be measured, and we all measure different things. What do you measure in your life right now? 

  • Do you note who has the most expensive car? (This could indicate that wealth or power has a high value to you.)

  • Do you measure the relative attractiveness sexually of people you meet? (This could indicate that aliveness, intensity or sensuality is a high value.)

Consider not only what you measure many times each day but how you measure it. Perhaps you measure how "appropriate" you are in the eyes of others. How do you measure this? Do you watch the facial expressions of everyone looking your way and assess your "appropriateness" by how many people are scowling or smiling? Do you measure how much you are appreciated by how many people go out of their way to perform some courtesy? 

What you measure and how you measure it will tell you an enormous amount about what you value and how you account for that value. If you are stuck, consider asking multiple choice questions such as: "Do I pay more attention to how people dress or what their hair color is?" I invite you to check out the tools sections for other tips to interview your self. Once you know yourself you might consider getting to know those close to you in a similar manner. 

Measure Your Relationship
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